Megaroller’s new, patent pending Steel Rollers are designed to ensure accurate bearing alignment to deliver easier rolling, enhanced efficiency and less noise pollution.

Rolling easily, with less friction, the Megaroller Steel Roller is long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and offers many of the benefits of the Megaroller HDPE and Hybrid rollers.

Cost efficient in a range of applications

Megaroller Steel Rollers are available in these application variations:
Steel Rollers are made from mild steel conveyor tubing for maximum strength. These rollers can be used in extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

Anti- Run-Back
Our Anti- Run-Back Technology can be applied to incline belts to prevent the belt from running back in the event of a “belt-snap”. Our Steel Rollers are fitted with a roller brake system which ensures that the roller can only run in one direction.

Innovative Technologies

Mechanically Fixed Bearing Housing
In the new generation Megaroller Steel Roller, the bearing housings are mechanically fixed instead of being welded into place. This ensures superior bearing alignment to deliver a more efficient, quieter and longer lasting roller.

Cushioned Bearing Carriers
Megaroller’s cushioned bearing carrier made from high quality Nylon offers vibration and shock protection at the most crucial part of the roller. This additional barrier is unique to Megaroller rollers. It enhances the roller’s impact resistance and guards the bearing against vibration, one of the main causes of roller failure.

Main Benefits

    • Revolutionary design concept for steel rollers
    • Better bearing alignment
    • Easier, smoother rolling
    • Longer lifespan
    • Quieter operation
    • Can operate at higher speeds
    • More energy efficient due to easier rolling bearings
    • Reduction in total cost of ownership compared to traditional steel rollers
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Extended bearing lifespan
    • Better return on investment