Terms of Sale

Terms & Conditions of Sale

This document stipulates the basic terms and conditions of sale for all transactions between a distributor and Megaroller Industries. The terms and conditions specified in this document are only applicable to an approved distributor who has completed all the required documentation.

The following terms and conditions will be applicable to all distributors:

  • A distributor may not approach or sell to an end-user who already uses our products that they get from an existing approved Megaroller Distributor. If the distributor feels that the end-user’s potential is not fully utilized by the current Distributor they may apply, in writing, for the opportunity to compete and Megaroller Industries will make a decision based on the case in hand.
  • No distributor will be given exclusive distribution rights for any customer or region until they have proven their ability to capitalize on the full potential of the respective area or end-user.
  • All new customers will be on a COD basis until they have completed at least five successful transactions.
  • A 50% deposit must be paid once the order is submitted and the balance is due once production is completed and before delivery is made.
  • After five successful transactions any new distributor will become eligible to apply for credit. The limit of credit given to the distributor will be equal to the average value of the transactions done to date.
  • Credit applications may only be approved if the distributor signs surety. In cases where surety is not possible, the distributor’s latest audited financial statements must be submitted for review.
  • All distributors are subject to a full credit check and Megaroller Industries reserves the right to deny any application for credit based on poor credit history. COD application may also be turned down by Megaroller Industries based on the potential risk to the company.
  • Full payment of all products sold on credit must be made within 30 days of the distributor being notified that the items are ready for collection.
  • No distributor may delay payment due to his inability to collect the products in time.
  • Failure to pay within the specified time period will result in immediate action by Megaroller Industries. Distributors who have not paid their full account within 45 days or have not made any arrangement to pay their account will be handed over for prosecution.
  • All products will remain the exclusive property of Megaroller Industries until fully paid.
  • All distributors are responsible for arranging transport for the collection of their orders from the Megaroller Industries factory. Megaroller Industries may be asked for assistance as we have existing relationships with cost-effective transport services, but these arrangements will be for the account of the distributor.
  • All Megaroller products, apart from the impact/RDR rollers, carry a 1-year guarantee from the date of manufacture. If a failure of the product occurs within this time period, then Megaroller Industries will replace every failed roller returned to the factory with a new roller free of charge. All transport costs remain for the account of the customer.
  • Any order places with Megaroller Industries may be cancelled within three (3) working days from the date that the order has been placed. Any order cancelled after three working days has expired will be in production and the full payment will be due.
  • Megaroller Industries makes all products on order and thus cannot recycle the costs of any order made on the express order of a distributor. It is thus imperative that all orders are double-checked by the distributor before it is placed.
  • All quoted prices are valid for 15 days after receipt of the quote. All prices are quoted ex-factory and do not include transport charges.
  • In the specific cases where Megaroller Industries supply product items on a fixed-term contract, the following additional pricing conditions will apply:
    • The original product prices will be negotiated with the distributor based on volume over a specified time period no longer than 24 months.
    • These negotiated prices will be confirmed in writing and signed by both the distributor and Megaroller Industries.
    • Standard SEIFSA escalations will apply to these prices over the full period of the contract.
    • No additional discount will be given on contract prices.
  • Megaroller Industries work on a variable pricing model due to the fact that more than 50% of the input costs of the product varies from month to month. For this reason our pricing per unit will be adjusted from time to time with 30 days prior written notice.
  • Distributors may qualify for discount based on two criteria:
    • The average value of total sales per distributor over the preceding three months – a 3-tiered model is used.
    • The total volume of each order if that is order is above a pre-determined threshold. This discount is only given if the order contains less than 5 product variations.
    • If a distributor qualifies for a discount on both criteria, then the highest discount will be given and not the cumulative total discount.
    • These two discount structures are available on request.
  • No distributor may hold back payment of an order due to a query on another other.
  • Only Electronic Fund Transfers will be accepted and payments will only reflect on a distributor’s statement once the funds have been cleared in the Megaroller Industries bank account.
  • All information provided to Megaroller Industries will be seen as strictly confidential and will be treated in such manner. No information of one distributor will be shared with another.
  • Megaroller Industries shall not be liable for any delays, errors or poor performance of its obligations to any sale in cases of force majeure, which includes, but is not limited to acts of war, strikes, equipment failure, acts of God, fires, explosions, riots, delays in transport services, inability to obtain necessary materials or equipment, third party criminal conduct etc.
  • Any order accepted and placed with Megaroller Industries will be manufactured according to the details of the order. If a dimensional problem is picked up that was not specified with the original order in writing, then the production of replacement products will be for the account of the distributor.
  • It is highly recommended that graphical representation with specified dimensions and measurements of all orders is attached to the formal order, especially when products are orders that varies from the standard product range.
  • The placement of a formal order by a distributor shall be seen as the distributor’s unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions of sale.
  • It is expected that all distributors must sign a copy of this document to indicate acceptance of its content.
  • The average lead-time on all orders is 15 working days, but may be extended due to the type of product and volume. Irrespective of the standard lead-time quoted above, in any case where an order specifically states a lead-time, the new delivery date will override the standard lead-times. All lead-times are subject to availability of material, but any delays in this regard will be communicated to the specific distributor in advance.

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